I Assume You’re An Idiot !


‘Mila Kunis is getting nervous about the birth of her child’.

WOW! how fricken’ shocking. Assuming a heavily pregnant first time mother is less- than confident about pushing a human out of her vagina (or being cut open) isn’t exactly rocket science. Despite the highly predictable nature of the statement though, THE WORDS NEVER CAME OUT OF THE GIRLS MOUTH.


There are a shit load of assumptions that, like the Mila Kunis one, bombard our lives daily. While the media is responsible for constructing ALOT of crap that spreads like swine flu, we (being the destructive humans we are) digest, construct and spread a ridiculous amount of rubbish that not only affects our OWN wellbeing, can be poisonous for others.

As the news of Robin Williams’ suspected suicide broke, my feed was swamped with tributes from people who knew nothing about him, other than the fictional characters he played in Hollywood films. Most articles and images seemed to allude to the same question though: how could someone who seemed so happy, caring and obviously successful want to end their life?

The answer in short, is mental illness. The fact of the matter is however, that NO ONE (on my feed anyway) knew him at all. And while his close friends and family have probably seen many different sides to him (surprise!) there’s probably a load a stuff he rarely shared with anyone.. like the rest of us.

This assumption of ‘having it all’  is a fascinating one, that really pisses me off. 


A few weeks ago, Sydney sider Harriet Wran; who happens to be the daughter of an extremely wealthy politician and goddaughter of Aussie billionaire Kerry Packer, was arrested for the alleged murder and stabbing of two men. Despite the fact the girl lost her father in April and has since relapsed into an ice addiction, the articles were titled “She Seemed To Have It All”  and the question as to why a wealthy, privileged, attractive young girl needs to use drugs and perform such crimes, underpinned all media discussions.

Firstly, drugs do not discriminate. There are many factors that lead to drug addiction, I highly doubt Harriet is proud of hers. Secondly, the belief that money and elite-ness  bring  happiness, content and mental stability is complete bullshit!! Thirdly, we all have a right to NOT be OKAY, regardless of how glossy our lives may seem to outsiders!


Of course, assumptions and  stereotyping are experienced across the board. My friend was only telling me last week of how frustrated she feels by the “why would you live there?” and “isn’t it full of criminals out there?” questioning she frequently receives when disclosing her residential address, and I could see the anger and hurt on her face. Similarly, my Indigenous friend said that the belief that his people are all alcoholics and untrustworthy has led his family and friends down destructive paths, highlighting the effects of assumptions once again.

I too make assumptions, I’m only human after all. we all assume shit every single day, sometimes without realising that linking an overweight person with laziness or skinny people with an image obsession is actually unfair.


Facebook and #Instagram are some of the biggest causes of self- sabotage, usually fuelled by the conclusions we draw from the tiny snap shots of relationships and social lives our friends share. I doubt Sally looks that hot after two hours of sleep and 10 shots of Tequila, or that Tom is ALWAYS smiling and laughing every second he’s around his new squeeze (and family!).

I wish we could be more realistic when drawing conclusions about the lives of others, and remember that we don’t always  know much at all when it comes to each others minds and experiences.


Rant over!



Author: Isabella M

6th year uni student Bhlr Comms ( Journalism)- graduated Bhlr behavioural sciences & counselling travel, food, wine, learning, laughing, yoga !

2 thoughts on “I Assume You’re An Idiot !”

  1. I love the Eckhart Tolle quote you included! And your point in this post – don’t assume things about other people when the fact of the matter is, you just don’t know. Life’s too short to judge other people. I enjoyed your rant – preach on sister.

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