Juice Your Judgement!

Around 3.30am on Sunday morning I suddenly woke and was forced to sit up in bed, holding my hard, swollen tummy while assessing whether or not last nights dinner had digested at all, and what end it was likely explode out of.

While patiently waiting for my body to sort its shit out (literally), I cursed every waiter, chef and ignorant random that has had the audacity to directly question the severity of my gluten intolerance and what ‘exactly happens’ when I consume it (and clearly ignore it while preparing the meal I pay for).

While calmly restraining from screaming DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW? WILL YOU CLEAN THE TOILET? I usually gently inform them that it is ‘severe’.


This is the precise experience I wish I could bottle up and provide to anyone who thinks I am merely conforming to a fashionable fad diet in the attempt to rock a bikini selfie.

I was apprehensive about writing this post for a few reasons (mainly not wanting to be self-indulgent and non-relatable).

But to be honest, I am SO over the judgements made over what we do and don’t put in our mouths, and the efforts people make to enhance/ improve their body & mind, as well as the labels associated with such ‘lifestyle choices’.

And by the sound of the things I ain’t completely alone.

Yesterday I had brekky with a friend who likes to work out everyday, drink hot lemon water each morning and enjoys a vino or two, but not in excess.

At a recent dinner party she had received a lot of eye- rolls and “you’re boring” comments, when announcing that she couldn’t have a big night as she was training the following morning. However, not an eye lid was battered when a friend left the restaurant to smoke a cigarette, while excessive bottles of booze were being consumed.


Now I don’t intend on being hypocritical, or pretending that I too don’t like to drink + skinny dip. I love nothing more than steak & chips. But these actions are my CHOICE.

No one has the right to feed me something I don’t want (or cannot eat) or to turn their nose down at my choice to spend a Friday night down ward dogging (or bragging about the benefits afterwards).

Last week I had a discussion with a person who has made a living out of educating students on her opinions and world views, in relation to particular social issues. Every single time I am EVER in the woman’s presence, I am ‘blessed’ with the findings of her research, and have my own views involuntary challenged.

The reason I am mentioning this, is because the same person expressed their frustration with ‘health nuts’, particularly those on Paleo diets, who ‘have NO right to tell anyone how to live their life’, apparently.

I found this rather entertaining, ironic and bloody hypocritical. Being an intelligent person (with a psychology degree), I expected more from someone who equally as passionate, particularly about  wellbeing.


What many don’t realise however, is that a shift in our diet and exercise regime can be life changing, having major effects on our state of mind and body; making us happier, more confident, relaxed and fulfilled people, and can limit our reliance on legal and illegal drugs to suppress pain, anger or voids. (intolerant or not).

Before ya’ll serve me up a plate of ‘drugs are sometimes the only option’ / ‘you don’t know what leads to addictions’ backlash, chill. I know that we have been raised in world that glorifies doctors as gurus and pharmaceuticals as pills of hope and healing, when often they do little to help, when they are NOT used as part of a holistic approach. 

I also know a thing or two about mental illness, and that it can be hard to find suitable alternative therapy also.


As reformed drug addict Russell Brand pointed out in a documentary, the (current) system of treating drug and alcohol addiction with more drugs is not the answer, rehabilitation support is.

But in the end of the day, one must WANT TO CHANGE THEIR LIFE, for it to occur. And once someone starts their journey, they should be supported and encouraged! Rather than laughed at and doubted by haters.

I guess my point is that we have to do what works FOR US, making choices that best serve our own wellbeing, and if that’s means eating excess lettuce leaves, or doing juice cleanses, then who is anyone to judge?


Author: Isabella M

6th year uni student Bhlr Comms ( Journalism)- graduated Bhlr behavioural sciences & counselling travel, food, wine, learning, laughing, yoga !

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