The L Letter(s).

“The soul- altering, messy, crazy, illogical, but passionate, fun and fulfilling shit that whips us out of reality and into ‘mooshy- gooshy’ happy land is hard to find and impossible to forget (oh- so cliche, but kinda true)…”

Alternative Thoughts

“There are Plenty of Fish in the Sea”


Having the vivid child- like imagination that I do, I can’t help but picture the dating scene as tiny heads bopping up and down in the ocean every time someone says the above quote. I have a fair idea of who the sharks would be, the sting rays that would hopefully be avoided, and the schools of tiny eligible fish that float along without appreciation. Thanks to Finding Nemo, it’s easy to personify the ocean and the amount of possible suitors in the world.

Of course, Tinder is increasing the possibility of finding the ‘one’ at rapid speeds, and RSVP allows us to flirt with Ketut in Bali to Luda in Eastern Europe (they don’t even have to be real). What does need to be real, however is the ‘connection’ and chemistry  (dah!).love 2The soul- altering, messy, crazy, illogical…

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Author: Isabella M

6th year uni student Bhlr Comms ( Journalism)- graduated Bhlr behavioural sciences & counselling travel, food, wine, learning, laughing, yoga !

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