A Fashionable Firing.

Je suis désolé for my silence ya’ll, I have been slightly preoccupied with horrible assignments, environments and people acupunctur-ing me with their dark clouds of insecurity (otherwise known as See you Next Tuesdays).

hate train

As we all know though, haters are always gonna hate, and I aint’ got the time to occupy a seat on that train.

Whilst trying to dodge bullets and rise above like the Mother Theresa/ free loving, care free- cool cat that I (barely) am, I have also been debating my views over the Bruce Jenner saga.

I have to take my hat off the her/him for choosing the ideal time to change his identity and turn his families world upside down. With the outburst of activism occurring everywhere, I guess it’s acceptable.

…stick with me!

Of course things needs to change. Of course white privilege is fucked, as is gender inequality and the stigma associated with ‘alternate’ sexualities. I talk about this stuff daily. I work with marginalised peoples because it’s where my passion lies.

But I’m only human. And if I were Kris Jenner, I wouldn’t be on Bruce’s praise train.

kris jenner

If I had been married to a man and had his babies, I absolutely would not be happy if he grew boobs!

Kris was filmed crying, saying she felt as though her relationship with Bruce was a lie— a horrendous, heart breaking experience. And the masses responded by taking the piss; deeming her selfish, uncaring etc etc.

Political correctness is clearly fashionable. And like all trends, it has its flaws.

In my opinion, there is nothing uglier than speaking to someone differently, altering what we do or do not discuss, or holding back from being our authentic selves, because of someones skin colour, sexuality, choice of shoes or religion.

honesty joke

I am lucky to be surrounded by friends of all colours and ‘subcultures’, because we have crossed paths, NOT because of their token ‘alternativeness’.

One of my cultured pals hails from Mumbai and attends mass weekly. We have been friends for six years and read each others minds… So much so that I can see just how hurt she gets when people filter the topics and language they use in her presence, to ensure they don’t ‘offend anyone’.

That, in my opinion, is way more offensive then joking about scrotums. THAT in my opinion, is discrimination.

Whilst awareness and open mindfulness is mandatory, unless I have Indigenous blood running through my veins, I do NOT fully understand everything my Indigenous students experience.

But, do you know what unites us? humour. innapropriate-ness. love. stress. shit. LIFE! The human experience… and most importantly, our honesty and ability to hold different opinions and still respect each other.

bali 2

Another political debacle is the discussion associated with the execution of the two criminals who smuggled illicit drugs into Indonesia, and were caught.

On the one hand, the way in which the case was managed was flawed. On the other, the men committed a crime and suffered the consequences. Whilst I think that there are other people more deserving of a firing squad, drugs do ruin peoples lives.

In other words, my opinion swims between that of a good citizen and devil child.

Now, I am not for one second categorising criminals with gay people, or suggesting that I am sickened by gender reassignment. I am for happiness, and most importantly, authenticity. 

bruce jenner

Because of this, I am very happy for Bruce, and the community of people ‘they’ have inspired. I also hope Kris can (in time) learn to accept what she cannot change.

I’m just getting over the ridiculous attempts at being perfect humans. Because no one is perfect, no one is God.

There is no such thing as ‘normal’. Therefore being ‘different’ is also an illusion. We are all individuals on the one planet. Lets cut the shit and be real; Make mistakes, ask questions and most of all love, cry, yell and LIVE without fearing hell.

In the mean time, Imma’ continue to shake off my own firing squad with as much whit, sarcasm and dirtiness as I want.

Happy Sunday! 

honesty 2


Tis’ The Season For Tear Cut Commentary!

As the champers flowed, laughs got louder and day got warmer/ colder, recent christmas festivities were enjoyed by many generations of people surrounded by our loved ones.

To much of grandma’s delight, this meant that some of us were putting our phones down and actually engaging with the fam, at least to devour some turkey.

Luckily, the breaks between meals (formerly used for siestas) provided a window for a quick scroll through the thousands of selfie stick captures (mine included) many of which featured awkward uncles and dorky jumpers (so wild!).

Having spent less time in cyber space, my toilet entertainment also involved a flood of #heputaringonit & #taken announcements.


Apparently it was also the season for knee bending – celebrated of course with a perfectly filtered and framed close up of #THERING!!!!!!!!!

Now to be honest, my childhood dreams rarely featured a virgin-white dress and sexy stallion, the idea of prancing down a church aisle to shit- sounding organs seemed as appealing as homework and Brussel sprouts.

I don’t reject the idea of marriage- committing myself to some one I love and having the same promised to me #4eva is a thought I’ve entertained on occasion (I do love love after all).

I just think that the blissful event can be blown out of control, particularly when thousands of dollars are wasted on feeding hated relatives.

Much to my mothers disgust, there’s something else that also seems irrelevant to me. Actually to be honest, it really does my head in. And that is: ring talk.

If i was to psycho- anaylze myself- I would probably reference my time spent working in retail in a rather affluent suburb as the initial cause of my frustrations.


While the witnessing of old men taking their old wrinkly wife shopping one day, and their young model the next was sickening in itself, it was the mini mountains that encased the long bronzed perfectly manicured fingers of many customers and the convos shared between customers themselves and with my colleagues, which lead to many toilet breaks.

“Ohhh stunnnnningggg”



“He must really love you!”

“You’re a lucky girl”

“Is that a __ (insert exclusive Italian jewler name here) ?”

” 7 or 10 carrats? ”


… you get the gist.

Now, I know that many reading will be thinking “you’ve never been engaged/ married so who are you to judge?” #jelly #hatersgonhate etc etc. And rightly so!

To be fair though, I do have an appreciation for beautiful jewellery including diamonds, even if they aren’t my best friend. I can also understand the significance of wedding bands, as well as the buzz of emotion that love and commitment brings (and therefore need to share it virtually).


I just don’t think the size and quality of a rock has ANYTHING to do with the union it symbolises. More so, a massive rock aint no band-aid for a shitty relationship either (ask the shrinks).

However, many people seem to think so, and of course, the media don’t help.

A few Fridays before santa came to town I was sipping on some yummy vino at Friday dranks in the city. I was sat next to a friend of a friend who had tagged along, providing much entertainment as she gushed about her past and present (3 month) relationships, and the exact details of the ring her boi knows she wants.

“Bless her”, I thought.

That was until she had another glass and starting digging into a colleague she felt had betrayed her, by the way she had portrayed her marital bliss and the amazing ring that symbolised it.

You see, the girl had been lead to expect a solid rock, and was left speech less when the colleague  returned from her honey moon.

“It’s a piece of shit! so small! why would she say it was nice?” the bitch then proceeded to laugh for too long.


Sadly, such thoughts and comments infect the feeds of loved up instagrammers, particularly those with a famous profile.

While I was getting my nails done in the local Vietnamese parlour today, the usual silence of the  place was contrasted by the up roar of opinions provided by staff and clients in response to Jesinta Campbell’s new bling in a clients magazine. I bit my tongue heavily as the private relationship AND RING was scrutinised.

So… I guess it is everywhere. Thanks to the naughty Daily Mail columns, many of us have been programmed to pay unhealthy attention to women’s boobs, arses and guts, and to measure their value by their bling bling.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. This is fucked up and needs to change.

One’s marital status, and the presence/ state of their ring has nothing to do with their value as a human being.

Maybe I will marry a jeweller in a Catholic church and regret every word of this, but until then I will continue to avoid every ring- focused convo.

Happy New Years!





2014: Goodbye #Hashtags, Hello Sanity.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word for 2012 was #hashtag. Considering that last year’s was ‘Selfie’, it is refreshing to know that the word of 2014 is slightly less vein and social media focussed.

The word that encapsulates the ideologies, practices, shifts and social progression for the year that is almost finished (where the HELL did it go??) happens to be: mindfulness.

mindfulness 1

Luckily for ‘quote queens’ like myself, this means that we don’t have to conduct any rigorous #instagram searches to find streams of inspiring + positive quotes associated with the notion, and to see how much the phenomenon has spread and is transforming lives.

For others however, I know that this can seem like a utopian, unrealistic, ‘hippy only’ idea that is unachievable, or means absolutely shit- all.

So instead of boring y’all with a formal definition, and in an attempt to make this post as accessible and interesting as possible, I thought I would express my excitement over our movement towards awareness and presence and all things positive, by highlighting a few of the benefits of the concept which really has EVERYONES best interests at heart, with the main goal being : HAPPINESS.

Before I do however, I cannot ignore the current headline blaring across the television as I write this. At this present moment, it has been reported that around 15 people are being held hostage inside the Lindt chocolatiers in central Sydney, AUS.


Naturally, viewers minds jump to past events of similarityterrorist attacks performed by extremists who justify their actions by Islamic doctrine. We also immediately fear for the future– questioning the safety our of country, the world, our families, ourselves.

We cannot forget that 2014 has been paralysed with horrific events including be-headings and the shooting down and disappearance of planes, among many other natural and man made tragedies.

The role such realities play on our happiness, and ability to live in the present [without stressing over our futures, or harbouring regrets and grudges from past trauma] is undeniable (and valid). This, however, is the reality of life.

Unfortunately we can do little to control the actions of others, particularly those who are severely brainwashed. as cliché as it sounds, the only person we can control is ourself, and if we want to see change in the world, we must start with ourselves.

Learning to simply observe and accept the constant flow of our thoughts and emotions without judgement, in every present moment may (seem like) something only those bald, buddhist monks practice, (also referred to as meditation), but it is also classed as mindfulness. And it is bloody life changing.


A common assumption that many of us have about meditation is the need for a blank mind; the ability to ‘switch off’ and not think, which is fairly friggen’ impossible. Sitting on a hard floor, cross-legged without adjustment or flinching for longer than five minutes is also something that most of us leave for the hairy arm- pitted.

The truth is however, that none of these expectations are required to watch our own process, challenge the negative, fearful thoughts and emotions we have, in a calming, intrigued manner, and allow them to come, and to go. All we have gotsta’ do is be AWARE; mindful.

For example- if ya fancy of bottle of vino on a Monday night when you think you shouldn’t; question why ya need the booze (?) Simply examine the thoughts and emotions that are swimming around, without judgement. The activity alone can lead you to change your actions, and understand your sub conscious response to recent (or past or futuristic) events.

Having been conditioned to suppress any negative emotions, has made expressing them through crying, writing, speaking to the cause (honestly and calmly), or other healthy outlets like exercise and meditation really difficult to do.

However, the more we let shit bottle up, the bigger the hole we dig for ourselves, and those around us.

mindfulness 6

Practicing acceptance of our thoughts and feelings can lead us to be more accepting of ourselves; the good, bad and ugly (inside and out) which then leads to positive change. The more acceptance we have for ourselves, the more we will have for others.

[The use of mindfulness can lead us to identify what annoys us about someone else, which usually is something we do ourselves, or someone who has hurt us, does].

Do you see how beneficial this shit can be? do you know how much easier and enjoyable life is when we calm down and stop caring about unnecessary stresses?

When we learn to accept ourselves; our pasts, and begin to live in the present moment, we gradually become less dependent on others, for emotional and physical needs.

This can be freeing, as we no longer NEED another human to fill a void, or heal our wounds, or to make us happy.

mindfulness 5

As a result, mindfulness can lead to the maintaining of positive, beneficial relationships, and the dropping of toxic, unhealthy ones.

Gratitude is another buzz word closely relating to the word of the year. While Americans have dedicated a holiday to the practice for a very long time, many of us forget to count the ‘little’ stuff that actually makes life pretty fucking beautiful.

Simply writing a list about the qualities of a particularly person or event each day or week or month, can REALLY change our moods, and make us happier.

So, as the behavioural scientist, yoga loving + counselling student that I am, I guess I’ve made my joy and optimism over the modern phenomenon that is #mindfulness, rather clear.

I can’t express enough, how helpful dropping the judgement and finding self- acceptance is, as well as living in the moment. For me, this was only achievable when I took the time to really tune into to my inner thoughts and feelings, and address the shitty stuff that had piled up over my life.

I hope y’all can find a little love and acceptance over the holidays. The present moment is literally all that we have. Remember that, and treasure who and what exists in it right now. Worry about tomorrow,when it comes and have a beautiful break.

mindfulness 2

Thanks for reading and supporting my little blog this year, I am very GRATEFUL for the love.

I look forward to seeing what next years word is.

Happy New Year XX



Swim Suit Sabotage


Last Saturday my friend and I went shopping. Considering summer is rapidly approaching, bathers were silently placed at the top of the list.

I say silently because, between us, the particular time of the month we visited, pizza and vino consumption from the night before, lack of waxing and a full time job/ disgusting university assignments deemed us less than cover shoot ready. According to ourselves anyway.


Doubt surrounding whether we were beach ready was quickly forgotten however, when we entered the Seafolly haven of bright colours, barely- there brazillian style genital cages, mixed in with fuller briefs and one pieces that seem to be missing parts. All in the name of farrrsharn, right?

Despite the scary thought of being caught in a rip in the majority of pieces, I was rather impressed with the brands latest range. It was not until I had both arms stacked with varying styles in a cloud of optimism and exotic island fantasy, when I heard a lovely, down to earth, very approachable shop assistant say, (in an empathetic tone, while frantically clipping the high pile of change room returns) “Nobody is ever happy. Every day I hear about the body parts women dream of nipping and tucking…”.

Remaining on my delusional planet, I brushed off the comment with a “poor girls, fuck society” thought, while rolling my eyes at the model on the wall. It wasn’t until someone FINALLY freed up a change room (departing in a huff) that I could join my pal in the neighbouring box. And then BOOM. My plane landed so suddenly on the tar mat, that I hit my head.

Well that is what it felt like, as the wave of self-doubt and ridicule set in. That poor little gluten-free pizza was copping a lot of blame for the mirror image staring back at me… apparently the hips don’t lie. (What purpose have all the kale juices served? maybe I should have given up sugar after all!)

img-thingNow, I’ve never been one to shy away from water environments, and I love the free feeling of floating around in my kini’ poolside, particularly with a coconut or mojito in hand.  I usually do so after devouring some form of carbs, I’m married to pasta after all. Simply put, I consider myself a comfortable bikini wearer.

Maybe it was hormones, the confined space in which I assessed ever angle of myself in, or the ‘pressure‘ from the poor souls offering constant support to silent customers. Or maybe it was the images I had been swamped with in the catalogue, on social media, or in my head. Ridiculous expectations once again, had dropped a hot (bird like) shit on my head.

Luckily, my wonderful gal pal came to the rescue, slipping into my changing hot box and sorting me out (just as she has, time and time again, throughout Europe and over lotsa vino and antipasto). Thanks to our backpacking experiences, my gal is well and truly familiar with my body shape and proved that, she does actually know what suits me, better than I do. Funnily, I was able to do the same for her, just not myself.

After re- evaluating my priorities, self-development and whether or not all those meditation classes had actually been worth the silence and ass numbing, I went on my phone, and saw the back lash the latest Victoria Secret campaign has received world-wide.


And then I realised: ohhh that’s right, I’m just another gal, who has fallen victim to the UNREALISTIC expectations created by the media, once again.

  • This might be why we are never happy
  • This might be why eating disorders, depression and anxiety rates are on the rise
  • This might be why women bitch about each other and themselves all the time
  • This may have something to do with the beauty industry
  • This may be why so many fad diets exist
  • This DEFINITELY is a major issue.


In response To the Victoria Secret campaign, lingerie brand JD Williams has launched a #PerfectlyImperfect campaign to promote body confidence for all women, of all ages, sizes and shapes.

vic secret re done

The campaign includes the above image which features models size 10-16.

The brand hopes that the #FavouriteFlaw hashtag on social media platforms will inspire women to share the things they love about themselves and encourage others to look at their own bodies in a positive light – in a celebration of real beauty.

When I next brave the self sabotage that can be swim suit shopping, I plan to take this image with me, along with perspective in the form of an honest friend, quite like Stephy.

In the mean time, I’ll eat some curry, do some yoga and continue to work towards challenging to dominant views that are eating us up.

FYI- I found two fabulous sets that I plan to rock all summer along.

Happy Summer!


It DOES matter if you’ re BLACK or WHITE.


It does matter if you’re black or white (or in-between) actually, and I think it may have to MJ himself, too.

It matters because the world is DIVERSE.

Diverse in cultures, colours, language, customs, religions, practices, opportunities.

Diverse in access to shelter, safety, stability, fresh food supplies, health aid and financial support.

Diverse in EDUCATION, access to it, the content of it.

It matters because the colour of peoples skin has determined their social status globally, since colonisation. White supremacy  has determined ownership of land, and distribution of money, care, respect and justice.

To deny this history, and the effects of  such blatantly racist, inhumane actions, and to deny the existence of ones cultural heritage, is to deny part of their identity.

“Fit in or Fuck Off”


In other words, demanding that all citizens of a country (like Australia) be part of the ONE EQUAL, HOMOGENISED TEAM that thinks and acts in the same way, not only denies the celebration of individuality and difference, it alienates and isolates the ‘others’.  It is also racist.

Last week I had a mind- altering convo with a few pals. Being the wanna- be philosophers we are, we were (as always) pondering the problems with the world and the need for social change, when a guy friend said “we just need to treat others as we’d like to be treated, it is simple”.

My friend responsed with a long pause before asking DO WE THOUGH? how do you know how the people in Somalia or Indigenous people want to be treated? do they have the same needs as you? have you had the same life experience?

She made a point, and I think she is right. We don’t know what is right for everyone, or what others may deem best for their circumstances.

We know that we all experience life differently, and have a different story  and perceptive as a result. We also, particularly in OZ, celebrate our multicultural society and laid back, fun loving attitudes. But there are limits.

Limits on what we consider “normal”, “acceptable” and “cool”.

These constricting labels don’t just apply to people with darker skin obviously, I mean we can’t even legalise gay marriage (or find healthy weights on the cat walks)

Unfortunately, when something or someone is foreign and unknown, they are often seen as a threat. And instead of educating ourselves by interacting with, and getting to know different people, cultures, practices, norms and celebrating diversity, we sit in our glass boxes and judge, assume and isolate.

This is such a shame, because not only do we miss out on the rich experience of story exchange, we miss the opportunity to identity our similarities as humans~~ as people navigating this big scary world side by side.



I don’t see any benefit in pointing the blame at our selves individually, as shaming never gets us far and it is obvious that we, especially in the western world, have been programed to think this way. I mean FFS, where are the black and Asian emojis? Why is the angel blonde?

Even in Asia, models and actors are photoshopped to look Eurasian. This is SAD.

IMG_1752 Look, I aint’ perfect. Assumptions about culture, race and characteristics are so deeply ingrained in my European veins, that it’s impossible to claim that I’ve never made a stupid judgement in my life.

But I am lucky to have friends from different parts of the world, with different skin colours and mother tongues. I have more in common with some of my ‘foreign’ pals then I do with my white neighbours. I know this because we have taken the time to get to know each other and to bond. Bond over our similarities and our differences.

I think we need to start putting a lot more emphasis on the character of people, and whether or not they are a fuckhead, and a little less on the connotations of their associated labels. Maybe then we’ll reconsider who we choose to run our country too?

Happy Friday!

Lose the ‘tude.

Okay, you’re going to have to excuse me. I’m finally on uni break so my brain function is limited, which combined with the country air, beach runs, vino consumption and morning yoga, has sent me into a light coma. The happy- land daze has worked its magic; putting shit in perspective, making it really hard to be negative.

Being neggy actually isn’t fun at all. It takes energy to hate, judge, bitch, assume and participate in the rumour mill. But when we are stressed we can easily get caught up in it, particularly when we feel shitty about ourselves, our life, jobs, acquaintances and relationships. Especially when we feel small, incapable or threatened. image Stupidly, we project our self- ridicule, judgment and insecurities onto each other, in an attempt to feel better about ourselves, or to entertain.

With the daily bulletins constantly reminding us of the shocking and scary happenings of the world, it’s not always easy to smell the roses, or to not feel guilty when trying to. Mainstream media platforms are experts at making us feel extra shitty, fearful and inadequate, to ensure they maintain power.

As well as promoting the capitalist, secular (not to mention sexist, racist and xenophobic) views of the corporations funding them, the only ‘new idea’ or ‘good medicine‘ that is reinforced is the skill of scrutiny. image Last week we had the WAG parades in Australia- the awards nights that celebrate the achievements of AFL and NRL football players.

Now I’m all for a bit of glitz & glam, and I can appreciate sexiness and beauty- as y’all know; I’m all about that base.

What I am NOT about, is measuring strangers waist sizes, boob to ass ratio or eye brow contouring, or rating them on a scale, mainly because I don’t fucking know them. Also because they are not a piece of meat.

In saying this, it was when I was watching the recent interview with the first (former) female prime minister of OZ a few days ago, that I remembered just how hurtful and damaging scrutiny can be. image I was never a fan of Julia Gillard– her political bandwagon, her argumentative approach, her suites or her waddle. Her accent is on another level. I often joined in on the JG hate train, ‘coz ya know, I’ve run a country so I know better! [We all know I’d be kicked out and locked up in the first week of office for swearing in parliament.]

Of all the anecdotes she told, mistakes she owned and resilience she showed in response to the bullshit said about her private life, (in the interview) there were two main points that stood out for me.

The first was Julia’s recollection of the hourly phone calls her assistant received from (bored and pathetic) members of the public who disapproved of the necklace, earrings, skirt or hair- style she was last seen sporting. WTF!

The OTHER part that stood out to me was Gillard’s reliance on her daily YOGA practice and workout regime. imageIn battling the nation wide hate brigade, Julia resorted to the down ward dog, like I do, to fight her natural urge to retaliate. While the pressures did get the better of her, (understandably) Gillard can now draw a link between the ridicule and her defensive actions.

This is the type of realization that comes when we are forced to STOP, breathe, move and reflect. Not only was it exciting to hear that JG isn’t afraid of viewing life from different angles, {being the counseling student that I am}, it was comforting to know that someone whose been subjected to a lot of lows (amongst highs) has reaped the benefits of yoga.

“What others think of me is none of my business”

I drink, swear and love a good steak. I’m not a stereotypical yogini, but I practice it regularly. I do it for my head- to clear it,  let go of shit that doesn’t serve my life, and accept what I cannot control (like others perceptions).

Turning the focus INWARD not only teachers us about who we REALLY are rather than what we are trying/ told to be, it turns it off others. image Yoga helps us to accept and love ourselves, while accepting the different stages we may be at or challenges we might have. I wish I could tell you EXACTLY how it works, but all I’ve figured out is that the marriage of philosophy, sweat, stretching, releasing and ‘omming’ works absolute wonders for the mind body and soul. And you know the best part? it kills our super-ego– forcing us to lose the ‘tude and be nicer people to be around.

I encourage y’all to try it out, or at least go for a nice walk and smell the roses.   image

I Assume You’re An Idiot !


‘Mila Kunis is getting nervous about the birth of her child’.

WOW! how fricken’ shocking. Assuming a heavily pregnant first time mother is less- than confident about pushing a human out of her vagina (or being cut open) isn’t exactly rocket science. Despite the highly predictable nature of the statement though, THE WORDS NEVER CAME OUT OF THE GIRLS MOUTH.


There are a shit load of assumptions that, like the Mila Kunis one, bombard our lives daily. While the media is responsible for constructing ALOT of crap that spreads like swine flu, we (being the destructive humans we are) digest, construct and spread a ridiculous amount of rubbish that not only affects our OWN wellbeing, can be poisonous for others.

As the news of Robin Williams’ suspected suicide broke, my feed was swamped with tributes from people who knew nothing about him, other than the fictional characters he played in Hollywood films. Most articles and images seemed to allude to the same question though: how could someone who seemed so happy, caring and obviously successful want to end their life?

The answer in short, is mental illness. The fact of the matter is however, that NO ONE (on my feed anyway) knew him at all. And while his close friends and family have probably seen many different sides to him (surprise!) there’s probably a load a stuff he rarely shared with anyone.. like the rest of us.

This assumption of ‘having it all’  is a fascinating one, that really pisses me off. 


A few weeks ago, Sydney sider Harriet Wran; who happens to be the daughter of an extremely wealthy politician and goddaughter of Aussie billionaire Kerry Packer, was arrested for the alleged murder and stabbing of two men. Despite the fact the girl lost her father in April and has since relapsed into an ice addiction, the articles were titled “She Seemed To Have It All”  and the question as to why a wealthy, privileged, attractive young girl needs to use drugs and perform such crimes, underpinned all media discussions.

Firstly, drugs do not discriminate. There are many factors that lead to drug addiction, I highly doubt Harriet is proud of hers. Secondly, the belief that money and elite-ness  bring  happiness, content and mental stability is complete bullshit!! Thirdly, we all have a right to NOT be OKAY, regardless of how glossy our lives may seem to outsiders!


Of course, assumptions and  stereotyping are experienced across the board. My friend was only telling me last week of how frustrated she feels by the “why would you live there?” and “isn’t it full of criminals out there?” questioning she frequently receives when disclosing her residential address, and I could see the anger and hurt on her face. Similarly, my Indigenous friend said that the belief that his people are all alcoholics and untrustworthy has led his family and friends down destructive paths, highlighting the effects of assumptions once again.

I too make assumptions, I’m only human after all. we all assume shit every single day, sometimes without realising that linking an overweight person with laziness or skinny people with an image obsession is actually unfair.


Facebook and #Instagram are some of the biggest causes of self- sabotage, usually fuelled by the conclusions we draw from the tiny snap shots of relationships and social lives our friends share. I doubt Sally looks that hot after two hours of sleep and 10 shots of Tequila, or that Tom is ALWAYS smiling and laughing every second he’s around his new squeeze (and family!).

I wish we could be more realistic when drawing conclusions about the lives of others, and remember that we don’t always  know much at all when it comes to each others minds and experiences.


Rant over!