What Happened to the Sisterhood?

Why are we so MEAN?

It’s a question I have repeated a lot recently, but when the world I live in is blowing innocent children and Aids workers out of the sky, killing civilians  because of their religious beliefs and denying millions of women the right to rule their own body and future (amongst a lot of other political bullshit) its hard to see the good in the humans of 2014.

Of course, however, the above issues are very complicated and exist in “those” foreign, unsafe, uneducated, war ridden corrupt places far from our beautiful western bubble of equality, safety and love… right?


We are riddled with the pressures of unrealistic expectations fuelled by corporations hungry for our $$, dignity, mind body and soul.

As most of us are aware, these illusions can turn the majority of peeps into very insecure people, leading us to inflict mental, physical and emotional suffering on ourselves. Whilst this is a major issue, and I wish we could all learn to accept and love all the parts that make us our own people, for our own sake and the sake of everyone… there is NO justification for projecting this shit onto others… particularly people we DO NOT KNOW.

We all come in different shapes and sizes. It seems a no brainer, and yet we constantly ridicule ourselves and of course others. Body shaming seems to be bigger than ever, probably because of my exposure to it in the form of trolling on social media.

As some of my gal pals may we aware, Perth born WAG Rebecca Judd posted a bikini selfie on Instagram, exposing her slim (post baby) figure last night. Within 15 minutes over 900 comments were shot at the models photo, expressing mixed views on her body, her life choices, and whether or not she was a healthy role model.

Rebecca claimed to be promoting the tan line she models for. Regardless of her intentions, the mum of two OWNED her body and her DECISION to post the image. REGARDLESS of the multitude of opinions held by MOTHERS expressing extremely direct and rude opinions, Rebecca never ASKED for them.

That’s the thing about ridicule and judgement, we inflict and receive it without asking for it. Humans, particularly FEMALES inflicting this hurt on each other. Haven’t we learnt anything from the Charlotte Dawson ordeal? What is it about the screens we hide behind that makes this behaviour okay?

I am not claiming to be a perfect human being who only sees rainbows and butterflies when my sisters present highly editing illusions of  their lives over social media. What I am saying that for the sake of each other’s mental well- being, can’t we just shut the fuck up? Keep our opinions to ourselves until we can learn to love ourselves and therefore each other. If not, at least RESPECT each other on the basis that they too are trying to survive on this planet?

Oh, and maybe then we could stop killing each other?


Happy Saturday.