A Fashionable Firing.

Je suis désolé for my silence ya’ll, I have been slightly preoccupied with horrible assignments, environments and people acupunctur-ing me with their dark clouds of insecurity (otherwise known as See you Next Tuesdays).

hate train

As we all know though, haters are always gonna hate, and I aint’ got the time to occupy a seat on that train.

Whilst trying to dodge bullets and rise above like the Mother Theresa/ free loving, care free- cool cat that I (barely) am, I have also been debating my views over the Bruce Jenner saga.

I have to take my hat off the her/him for choosing the ideal time to change his identity and turn his families world upside down. With the outburst of activism occurring everywhere, I guess it’s acceptable.

…stick with me!

Of course things needs to change. Of course white privilege is fucked, as is gender inequality and the stigma associated with ‘alternate’ sexualities. I talk about this stuff daily. I work with marginalised peoples because it’s where my passion lies.

But I’m only human. And if I were Kris Jenner, I wouldn’t be on Bruce’s praise train.

kris jenner

If I had been married to a man and had his babies, I absolutely would not be happy if he grew boobs!

Kris was filmed crying, saying she felt as though her relationship with Bruce was a lie— a horrendous, heart breaking experience. And the masses responded by taking the piss; deeming her selfish, uncaring etc etc.

Political correctness is clearly fashionable. And like all trends, it has its flaws.

In my opinion, there is nothing uglier than speaking to someone differently, altering what we do or do not discuss, or holding back from being our authentic selves, because of someones skin colour, sexuality, choice of shoes or religion.

honesty joke

I am lucky to be surrounded by friends of all colours and ‘subcultures’, because we have crossed paths, NOT because of their token ‘alternativeness’.

One of my cultured pals hails from Mumbai and attends mass weekly. We have been friends for six years and read each others minds… So much so that I can see just how hurt she gets when people filter the topics and language they use in her presence, to ensure they don’t ‘offend anyone’.

That, in my opinion, is way more offensive then joking about scrotums. THAT in my opinion, is discrimination.

Whilst awareness and open mindfulness is mandatory, unless I have Indigenous blood running through my veins, I do NOT fully understand everything my Indigenous students experience.

But, do you know what unites us? humour. innapropriate-ness. love. stress. shit. LIFE! The human experience… and most importantly, our honesty and ability to hold different opinions and still respect each other.

bali 2

Another political debacle is the discussion associated with the execution of the two criminals who smuggled illicit drugs into Indonesia, and were caught.

On the one hand, the way in which the case was managed was flawed. On the other, the men committed a crime and suffered the consequences. Whilst I think that there are other people more deserving of a firing squad, drugs do ruin peoples lives.

In other words, my opinion swims between that of a good citizen and devil child.

Now, I am not for one second categorising criminals with gay people, or suggesting that I am sickened by gender reassignment. I am for happiness, and most importantly, authenticity. 

bruce jenner

Because of this, I am very happy for Bruce, and the community of people ‘they’ have inspired. I also hope Kris can (in time) learn to accept what she cannot change.

I’m just getting over the ridiculous attempts at being perfect humans. Because no one is perfect, no one is God.

There is no such thing as ‘normal’. Therefore being ‘different’ is also an illusion. We are all individuals on the one planet. Lets cut the shit and be real; Make mistakes, ask questions and most of all love, cry, yell and LIVE without fearing hell.

In the mean time, Imma’ continue to shake off my own firing squad with as much whit, sarcasm and dirtiness as I want.

Happy Sunday! 

honesty 2


It DOES matter if you’ re BLACK or WHITE.


It does matter if you’re black or white (or in-between) actually, and I think it may have to MJ himself, too.

It matters because the world is DIVERSE.

Diverse in cultures, colours, language, customs, religions, practices, opportunities.

Diverse in access to shelter, safety, stability, fresh food supplies, health aid and financial support.

Diverse in EDUCATION, access to it, the content of it.

It matters because the colour of peoples skin has determined their social status globally, since colonisation. White supremacy  has determined ownership of land, and distribution of money, care, respect and justice.

To deny this history, and the effects of  such blatantly racist, inhumane actions, and to deny the existence of ones cultural heritage, is to deny part of their identity.

“Fit in or Fuck Off”


In other words, demanding that all citizens of a country (like Australia) be part of the ONE EQUAL, HOMOGENISED TEAM that thinks and acts in the same way, not only denies the celebration of individuality and difference, it alienates and isolates the ‘others’.  It is also racist.

Last week I had a mind- altering convo with a few pals. Being the wanna- be philosophers we are, we were (as always) pondering the problems with the world and the need for social change, when a guy friend said “we just need to treat others as we’d like to be treated, it is simple”.

My friend responsed with a long pause before asking DO WE THOUGH? how do you know how the people in Somalia or Indigenous people want to be treated? do they have the same needs as you? have you had the same life experience?

She made a point, and I think she is right. We don’t know what is right for everyone, or what others may deem best for their circumstances.

We know that we all experience life differently, and have a different story  and perceptive as a result. We also, particularly in OZ, celebrate our multicultural society and laid back, fun loving attitudes. But there are limits.

Limits on what we consider “normal”, “acceptable” and “cool”.

These constricting labels don’t just apply to people with darker skin obviously, I mean we can’t even legalise gay marriage (or find healthy weights on the cat walks)

Unfortunately, when something or someone is foreign and unknown, they are often seen as a threat. And instead of educating ourselves by interacting with, and getting to know different people, cultures, practices, norms and celebrating diversity, we sit in our glass boxes and judge, assume and isolate.

This is such a shame, because not only do we miss out on the rich experience of story exchange, we miss the opportunity to identity our similarities as humans~~ as people navigating this big scary world side by side.



I don’t see any benefit in pointing the blame at our selves individually, as shaming never gets us far and it is obvious that we, especially in the western world, have been programed to think this way. I mean FFS, where are the black and Asian emojis? Why is the angel blonde?

Even in Asia, models and actors are photoshopped to look Eurasian. This is SAD.

IMG_1752 Look, I aint’ perfect. Assumptions about culture, race and characteristics are so deeply ingrained in my European veins, that it’s impossible to claim that I’ve never made a stupid judgement in my life.

But I am lucky to have friends from different parts of the world, with different skin colours and mother tongues. I have more in common with some of my ‘foreign’ pals then I do with my white neighbours. I know this because we have taken the time to get to know each other and to bond. Bond over our similarities and our differences.

I think we need to start putting a lot more emphasis on the character of people, and whether or not they are a fuckhead, and a little less on the connotations of their associated labels. Maybe then we’ll reconsider who we choose to run our country too?

Happy Friday!

Lose the ‘tude.

Okay, you’re going to have to excuse me. I’m finally on uni break so my brain function is limited, which combined with the country air, beach runs, vino consumption and morning yoga, has sent me into a light coma. The happy- land daze has worked its magic; putting shit in perspective, making it really hard to be negative.

Being neggy actually isn’t fun at all. It takes energy to hate, judge, bitch, assume and participate in the rumour mill. But when we are stressed we can easily get caught up in it, particularly when we feel shitty about ourselves, our life, jobs, acquaintances and relationships. Especially when we feel small, incapable or threatened. image Stupidly, we project our self- ridicule, judgment and insecurities onto each other, in an attempt to feel better about ourselves, or to entertain.

With the daily bulletins constantly reminding us of the shocking and scary happenings of the world, it’s not always easy to smell the roses, or to not feel guilty when trying to. Mainstream media platforms are experts at making us feel extra shitty, fearful and inadequate, to ensure they maintain power.

As well as promoting the capitalist, secular (not to mention sexist, racist and xenophobic) views of the corporations funding them, the only ‘new idea’ or ‘good medicine‘ that is reinforced is the skill of scrutiny. image Last week we had the WAG parades in Australia- the awards nights that celebrate the achievements of AFL and NRL football players.

Now I’m all for a bit of glitz & glam, and I can appreciate sexiness and beauty- as y’all know; I’m all about that base.

What I am NOT about, is measuring strangers waist sizes, boob to ass ratio or eye brow contouring, or rating them on a scale, mainly because I don’t fucking know them. Also because they are not a piece of meat.

In saying this, it was when I was watching the recent interview with the first (former) female prime minister of OZ a few days ago, that I remembered just how hurtful and damaging scrutiny can be. image I was never a fan of Julia Gillard– her political bandwagon, her argumentative approach, her suites or her waddle. Her accent is on another level. I often joined in on the JG hate train, ‘coz ya know, I’ve run a country so I know better! [We all know I’d be kicked out and locked up in the first week of office for swearing in parliament.]

Of all the anecdotes she told, mistakes she owned and resilience she showed in response to the bullshit said about her private life, (in the interview) there were two main points that stood out for me.

The first was Julia’s recollection of the hourly phone calls her assistant received from (bored and pathetic) members of the public who disapproved of the necklace, earrings, skirt or hair- style she was last seen sporting. WTF!

The OTHER part that stood out to me was Gillard’s reliance on her daily YOGA practice and workout regime. imageIn battling the nation wide hate brigade, Julia resorted to the down ward dog, like I do, to fight her natural urge to retaliate. While the pressures did get the better of her, (understandably) Gillard can now draw a link between the ridicule and her defensive actions.

This is the type of realization that comes when we are forced to STOP, breathe, move and reflect. Not only was it exciting to hear that JG isn’t afraid of viewing life from different angles, {being the counseling student that I am}, it was comforting to know that someone whose been subjected to a lot of lows (amongst highs) has reaped the benefits of yoga.

“What others think of me is none of my business”

I drink, swear and love a good steak. I’m not a stereotypical yogini, but I practice it regularly. I do it for my head- to clear it,  let go of shit that doesn’t serve my life, and accept what I cannot control (like others perceptions).

Turning the focus INWARD not only teachers us about who we REALLY are rather than what we are trying/ told to be, it turns it off others. image Yoga helps us to accept and love ourselves, while accepting the different stages we may be at or challenges we might have. I wish I could tell you EXACTLY how it works, but all I’ve figured out is that the marriage of philosophy, sweat, stretching, releasing and ‘omming’ works absolute wonders for the mind body and soul. And you know the best part? it kills our super-ego– forcing us to lose the ‘tude and be nicer people to be around.

I encourage y’all to try it out, or at least go for a nice walk and smell the roses.   image

What Happened to the Sisterhood?

Why are we so MEAN?

It’s a question I have repeated a lot recently, but when the world I live in is blowing innocent children and Aids workers out of the sky, killing civilians  because of their religious beliefs and denying millions of women the right to rule their own body and future (amongst a lot of other political bullshit) its hard to see the good in the humans of 2014.

Of course, however, the above issues are very complicated and exist in “those” foreign, unsafe, uneducated, war ridden corrupt places far from our beautiful western bubble of equality, safety and love… right?


We are riddled with the pressures of unrealistic expectations fuelled by corporations hungry for our $$, dignity, mind body and soul.

As most of us are aware, these illusions can turn the majority of peeps into very insecure people, leading us to inflict mental, physical and emotional suffering on ourselves. Whilst this is a major issue, and I wish we could all learn to accept and love all the parts that make us our own people, for our own sake and the sake of everyone… there is NO justification for projecting this shit onto others… particularly people we DO NOT KNOW.

We all come in different shapes and sizes. It seems a no brainer, and yet we constantly ridicule ourselves and of course others. Body shaming seems to be bigger than ever, probably because of my exposure to it in the form of trolling on social media.

As some of my gal pals may we aware, Perth born WAG Rebecca Judd posted a bikini selfie on Instagram, exposing her slim (post baby) figure last night. Within 15 minutes over 900 comments were shot at the models photo, expressing mixed views on her body, her life choices, and whether or not she was a healthy role model.

Rebecca claimed to be promoting the tan line she models for. Regardless of her intentions, the mum of two OWNED her body and her DECISION to post the image. REGARDLESS of the multitude of opinions held by MOTHERS expressing extremely direct and rude opinions, Rebecca never ASKED for them.

That’s the thing about ridicule and judgement, we inflict and receive it without asking for it. Humans, particularly FEMALES inflicting this hurt on each other. Haven’t we learnt anything from the Charlotte Dawson ordeal? What is it about the screens we hide behind that makes this behaviour okay?

I am not claiming to be a perfect human being who only sees rainbows and butterflies when my sisters present highly editing illusions of  their lives over social media. What I am saying that for the sake of each other’s mental well- being, can’t we just shut the fuck up? Keep our opinions to ourselves until we can learn to love ourselves and therefore each other. If not, at least RESPECT each other on the basis that they too are trying to survive on this planet?

Oh, and maybe then we could stop killing each other?


Happy Saturday.